A Devastating Wave Of​.​.​.

by Gringo

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released June 5, 2010

Gringo - A Devastating wave of... (2010):

Pablo - guitarra, voz, lap-steel y banjo
Javi - guitarra, voz y xilófono
Txumi - bajo
Iñigo - batería

Rodrigo Pérez-Andino - teclados
Xabier Eguia - guitarras extras en "Incomplete" y coros en "Ground"
M. B. - letra de "Ghosts of Dead Drinkers"

De Santos Intxausti Musika eta Dantza Eskola (Mungia):
Izusko Izagirre - violín y viola
Aitor Pildain - saxofón
Asier Caldas - trompeta
Nora Olano - violonchello

Grabado y mezclado en Pan Pot (Getxo) por Xabier Eguia entre agosto de 2008 y agosto de 2009. Masterizado en los mismos estudios por Alberto Macías y Xabier Eguia.

Escúchalo a volumen alto

Dedicado a Julio Jaén y Josetxo Anitua



all rights reserved


Gringo Getxo, Spain

Gringo emerged in 2005 from the ashes of what was called in the 90`s "Getxo Sound" in this Basque coastal town.

Today the band is formed by Pablo (guitar & vocals), Javi (guitar & vocals), Txumi (bass) and Iñigo (drums).

It's always difficult to describe your own music, but they once said about us we were like "the Velvet Underground's grandsons"...
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Track Name: Beer
Yeah, I feel alright
You're right, I feel fine
Track Name: The Purest Thing
I've been sailing for years
In the ocean of fears
The shore never appears

I've been falling again
And again through the well
Terrified to death

Stumbling into the dark
Running naked and blind
Until I fell between your arms
When I fall I think I fly, now I fly

Flying, when you shoot me in the head my soul if flying
Flying high above the edge where I've been standing
In a million pieces floating like the dust
When you explode into my heart

Cause when we flow together
The pain is gone forever
Without you I can't face another day

Cause when we flow together
I never think of never
I can feel that death is not the end
Track Name: The Mass
Yeah come, come here now
There is something I want you to hear

Walk on the water now
Track Name: Looking for Elvis
She's running in circles
She's going out of her mind
She's looking for Elvis
Cause somebody said he's alive
Please let her know
That she's not alone

She stands on the corner
Every hour of the day
Shaking and dancing
Like if the place was in flames
Clapping her hands
Twisting her hips
Just like the King

Yeah! Open the door and then show them the way to your heart
Yeah! Open the door and then show them the way to your heart again

She's trying to put into orbit ten satellites
To tell everybody from Afghanistan to Hawaii
He never left
He's never been gone
He's always been there
Track Name: Incomplete
Every time I hear the thunder
My ankles shiver and shake
So I run and wait for shelter
Under your dress
Then I'm tangled up between your legs...

You are the light at the end
You are the angel someone sent
To watch over my head

You are the blood running through my veins
You are the sun, you're the sunshine
After the darkest rainy day

Cover me with your blanket
And take my nightmares away
Talk to me after the sunset
So the next day
All my trials seem so far away...
Track Name: So Long Cruel World
When I was a young boy
My mother used to say
"Son you're not a loser
In this game"

Now that I'm older
And I've learned the rules
I don't wanna take part
I'm not that cruel

And I wonder in my room
Why did I ever leave my mother's womb?

Where is the limit
between evil and bad?
I don't wanna be a motherfucker
Until I die

And I wonder to myself where are
All the feelings gone
Don't wait up for me
If this is how it works

So long my cruel world
I rather stay at home
Yeah, fuck you all... right now
Track Name: GPS
I don't know shit
So don't ask me what
I am trying to explain
Today I've looked at you
But you weren't there
Where was I? Where were you?

I was lost and found and then lost again
I was here and there or perhaps nowhere
Were you there?

Today I've lost my brains
But yours are so brand new
I am blind, be my eyes
Make sure you get me there
Make sure you guide me well
like a GPS, be my...
Track Name: Second Chance
The smile on your face
Makes me realize
You were released
It was your time

You left in the middle
Middle of the night
Quiet and slowly through the dark
You didn't say goodbye
We didn't have enough
They took you away too fast
Now I really wonder to myself
Is there a second chance?

I'm so sorry
I feel so blue
For all the troubles
We haven't gone through

*For Julio Jaén
Track Name: Me & the Leader
We've been swimming in confusion
We've been lost without a track
We've been waiting long for someone
To be the leader of the gang

Are you the one who's gonna tell us
What is wrong and what is right?
You can order, we will follow
Be the mirror of our lives

Guide the boys, guide the girls
From the cradle to the grave
Guide the last, guide the first
Until the finish of the race
Guide the blind, guide the deaf
To the rhythm of your bass
Track Name: Ground
You wanna get to heaven
And swim through the seas
You wanna hide from shadow
So don't let it go

You wanna run like horses
On the day of the race
You wanna fly like an eagle
My feet on the ground

*For Josetxo Anitua
Track Name: Where Elephants Go to Die
What are we going to say
What are we gonna do
When there's nothing left to say
When everything is through

What are we going to pray
When all the love is gone
Who are we going to blame
After all the things we've done

Maybe we burn in hell
Maybe God is on our side
Maybe there is a place
For us between the lines

Where the eagles dare
And elephants go to die
Where nobody cares
About the reason why

And in the evening when you wake
And the sun begins to fade
I'll be waiting by your grave
Don't hesitate

Walking forward, walking straight
You don't need to be afraid
If you need me call my name
Please call my name

Dancing, you make me feel like dancing
Like a hurricane
I'll never fall into despair

Crawling, can't you see me crawling
Trying to find the way
To the place here we'll be safe

I'm ready for the party
Ready to dress in black
Just like used to do Johnny Cash

Give us a one-way ticket
This is our last crusade
Follow me and don't you leave a trace
Track Name: Ghosts of Dead Drinkers
The bottle is going too slow
It's flowing this bad... in us
And the battle is thought to be won
It's meant to be right... this side

Battle, fight in our eyes tonight
Bottle, you smash all my head tonight

And the battle is thought to be won
It's meant to be right... this side
But the bottle is going too slow
It's flowing this bad

One day you'll have to go alone
One day you'll need to cross alone
One day you'll need to leave alone

Harold, come with us
Only with us
Battle and bottle
Outside the plan
Over your eyes
Come to be right
Only us
Only with us

We never win
We never won...

*Lyrics: M. B.