by Gringo

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"Powerless" es el tercer disco de Gringo. Publicado en 2015.


released May 8, 2015

Pablo - guitarra y voz
Javi - guitarra y voz
Txumi - bajo
Iñigo - batería

Con la colaboración de Rodrigo Pérez Andino (teclados).

Grabado y producido en los estudios El Tigre (Deusto, Bilbao) por Xabier Eguia y masterizado en Ultramarinos Mastering (Barcelona) por Víctor García.



all rights reserved


Gringo Getxo, Spain

Gringo emerged in 2005 from the ashes of what was called in the 90`s "Getxo Sound" in this Basque coastal town.

Today the band is formed by Pablo (guitar & vocals), Javi (guitar & vocals), Txumi (bass) and Iñigo (drums).

It's always difficult to describe your own music, but they once said about us we were like "the Velvet Underground's grandsons"...
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Track Name: Old Pirates
Old pirates rum and wine
Old pirates eye for an eye
Old damned pirates are ready to fight
Old pirates set sail tonight
Old pirates
Track Name: Everywhere
I see you in the ashes of my cigar
I see you floating in the bubbles of my beer tonight

You flow underneath the blanket and l can't breathe
I can't even try to remember where I've been

I hear you around the corners playing the drums
Like you couldn't stop and I wonder, what’s my crime?

I feel you like a tool box when I awake
Monkey wrenches, drills and hammers floating in my head
Track Name: While the Time Is Coming
Caught by the mist
While the time is coming
Calm down your thirst
While the time is coming

Pray like no one else
While the time is coming
This is what’s left
While the time is coming

Gloomy farewell! Gloomy farewell! Gloomy farewell!
Track Name: The Curtain
After the fall of the curtain
At the end now of the show
The band will keep marching on
And on and on and on

Trumpets will keep on blowing notes
And drums will keep on banging strong
The strings will never stop
It sounds like heaven is so close

And even when the lights turn on
And the audience starts to walk out through the door
We can hear your voice
Weeping those melodies we love

After the fall of the curtain
At the end now of the show
We can hear your voice
Spitting those melodies we love
Track Name: Powerless
What's that space below us
What's that space above
What's that space between us
Maybe we don't wanna know

Cause I ain't got the wings
And I ain't got the strength
And I ain't got the power
To take you away

No I ain't got the proof
No I ain't got the faith
I ain't going nowhere

Watch that cork in the ocean
Floating away in the dark
Swimming with no direction
And trying to reach for the sand

Cause I ain't got the fire
And I ain't got the flame
And I ain't got the shelter
To warm you instead

No I ain't got the proof
No I ain't got the faith
I ain't going nowhere
Track Name: Leaves
Seconds into minutes and into hours
And days into weekends and into months,
Seasons come and go until they are blown
Away like a sunset before the storm

Years flow down the river of broken souls
To sink into the ocean of unfinished songs,
Where dreams are forgotten until they drown
Beneath a wave of never again been found

Can’t you see the leaves are falling down?
Track Name: Matusa (I Got You)
I've got you crossing my veins
I've got you killing my pain

When I'm sinking in the quicksand
And I'm running out of hope
You're the one that always has the rope

Cause I've got you...

I've got you healing my heart
I've got you erasing my scars

When I'm stuck inside a moment
In a soundtrack I don't belong
You rewind the tape and change the song

Cause I've got you...
Track Name: My Heart
My heart
Something about it

I want it
I need it...
Track Name: Voices
I hear the voices calling out my name
Forcing me to set the house in flames

Cause there's no way for us to escape

We can burn together and melt in one
Turn into ashes for a little while

Cause there's a way for us to escape

Maybe then the wind can take us to the ocean shore
We will sail away forever all over the world

Cause there's a way for us to escape
Track Name: All Iron
The game is here
No room for fear
Fans on their way
Today's the day
And I can't wait
To see you there
Red is my blood
White is my soul

Names come and go
But you mean more
With pride and soul
Still on the road
Then you'll find your way
And I must say
You made me sing
Now make us dream

Those good old days
Seem far away
But anyway
Like someone said
You're a unique case
For sure the best
Old lion's roar
That we support